List of applications

Desktop Video Camera

Record anywhere on the desktop and save it to the animation PNG.
Useful for creating operation descriptions.

Screenshot +

Make only the necessary parts of the PC monitor an image. You don't need to do any tedious clippings.
You can save it to clipboard, PNG, or JPEG files.
It is also equipped with continuous shooting and simple OCR function.

Make it easy to make transparent PNG

Easily make a transparent PNG.
Just open the PNG file and click on the color of the part you want to be transparent.
You can also create from clipboard data.

Arrange windows

Arrange the application windows to increase work efficiency.
A variety of ways of arranging is possible.
You can also save the sort that you set.

Clipboard History

Takes the history of the clipboard.
Various applications automatically save copies and cut data.
You can copy the saved data again at any time.

2 area text editor

Edit one text file on two screens at the same time.
This is useful for editing and comparing parts of a text file while looking at them.

Simple clipboard!

Automatically removes font size, color, and so on from clipboard data to make text simple.
Remove the intrusive formatting and help you copy and paste repeatedly.